Friday, December 31, 2010

Beware the Salesforce QueryOptions parameter

When I learned that CopyForce was using up almost 1GB of memory copying some SalesForce instances, I had to understand why.  Three hours later.....the default batch size return from a SalesForce API query is 1000 rows.  Since CopyForce grabs all columns in a table, the amount of memory required can get huge. The solution:

  • Set the "QueryOptions" parameter in the binding header.
The next revision of CopyForce will choose values for this parameter that cause memory usage to stay below 200mb (app and data). Naturally, CopyForce will also include a new flag to control the number of rows in a batch at runtime.

It looks like CopyForceOracle will be ready to post on Monday. It is passing of the standard CopyForce unit tests and copied my large test database with flying colors.

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