Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Copy Salesforce to a SQL/Server Financal System.

We wanted to have a copy of our Salesforce price books available on our financial system but did not want to write custom code to do it.  We did the schema creation and copy in 5 minutes using CopyForceSqlServer (4 minutes development + 1 minute execution time).

How simple can it get!

SET SFDC=production
SET SQLSERVER=//localhost;databaseName=MyCompanyTools;username=salesforce;password=miracle;

java -jar CopyForceSqlServer.jar -salesforce %SFDC% -sqlserver "%SQLSERVER%" -include product2,pricebook2,pricebookentry -schema -querybatch 1000

Later we will set this up as a CRON job to keep our financial system up to date automatically.

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