Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bad CopyForce jars posted....just replaced.

Thanks to Amarnath Venkataswamy I discovered that the last CopyForce downloads I posted to google code were bad. The short reason -- I fat fingered a thread.join() line in the CopyForce.main() method. Bummer! My unit tests call nearly everything at 98% coverage EXCEPT the main().

If you are one of the ~35 people that downloaded it last week, all versions of CopyForce will simply terminate with no error message.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Love sqlforce

This morning the head of our consulting division decided to change the stage names used by opportunities. Before taking this step, I wanted to take a look at what stage names have actually been used by sales staff.
If I was working with a regular SQL database, I would simply run:
SELECT DISTINCT stageName Opportunity
How can I run the same query on a Force database?  Easy....start sqlforce and enter:
SELECT DISTINCT stageName from Opportunity

Case closed.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Updates to CopyForce

Monthly updates to SqlForce, CopyForce, etc. were posted on this morning.
The two issues reported this month are fixed in the updates:

  • encrypted fields now work.
  • GMT DateTime conversion is now correct.
It has been a healthy month for downloads. CopyForceSQLServer is the most popular download but CopyForceOracle is gaining ground.

We are nearly ready to launch a commercial version of the code -- CopyForcePro.  The primary advantages of the commercial version  will be usability/accessability, support, and secure packaging for production environments. The core codes will stay open source under the EPL.

For operational use, I am finding it much easier to load a single configuration file and immediately restore my setup:

Please drop me a line at The occasional "it's working well for us" is always good news (as is any defect report).