Monday, December 20, 2010

CopyForceOracle or Something else?

I have been thinking about creating a version of CopyForce for Oracle (CopyForceOracle) using one of Oracle's type 4 drivers. Since I do not have a near term need, I am looking for 4-5 sites to help me test it. If a few people step up, I will put a version together. I have a few years of Oracle/JDBC practice and think creating a version that passes the CopyForce unit tests should take no longer than a week (part time).

Volunteers willing to lend a testing hand please drop me a note at

Downloads of the various sqlforce tools are holding steady at 10-20 per week. Feedback is fairly sparse (not surprising since I rarely post comments on a tool that works). If you are using one of the tools, drop me a note --  good or bad feedback is welcome.

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