Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cranking with CopyForceOracle

I had a few hours free last weekend and took a stab a CopyForceOracle (copy all or part of a SalesForce instance to Oracle). The status is pretty good:

  • 1.0 code has been checked into SVN
  • No problems seen when copying a 4GB Salesforce instance (all tables) to Oracle 10g/XE. The Salesforce instance has ~9000 account, 45000 contacts, 70000 assets, etc.
  • Application seems to need about 500mb to run (e.g. using . -Xm500m). This is a mystery I will look into. It is more memory usage than I would expect. I am flushing to Oracle every 2MB from Salesforce.
Volunteers are need to try this out on their own production SalesForce instances.

Time for a workout at the YMCA.

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