Friday, February 11, 2011

Updates to CopyForce

Monthly updates to SqlForce, CopyForce, etc. were posted on this morning.
The two issues reported this month are fixed in the updates:

  • encrypted fields now work.
  • GMT DateTime conversion is now correct.
It has been a healthy month for downloads. CopyForceSQLServer is the most popular download but CopyForceOracle is gaining ground.

We are nearly ready to launch a commercial version of the code -- CopyForcePro.  The primary advantages of the commercial version  will be usability/accessability, support, and secure packaging for production environments. The core codes will stay open source under the EPL.

For operational use, I am finding it much easier to load a single configuration file and immediately restore my setup:

Please drop me a line at The occasional "it's working well for us" is always good news (as is any defect report).

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