Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Upload an Attachment to Salesforce in One Line of Code

I do a lot of Salesforce work using Python. The experimental SQLForce/Jython work I did a few years ago has been my toolkit of choice until my recent migration of the code to Python (2.7 and 3.3). In the migration I added a couple of packages to make reading/writing attachments dirt simple. Here's an example for writing an attachment:

import SQLForce
from SQLForce import AttachmentWriter

session = SQLForce.Session("MyConnectionParameters")

salesforceParentId = '001A0000014fia3'  # The unique id of the Salesforce object to own the attachment
filename = "/mydir/salesforcecast.docx"   # The file to add as an attachment.

attachmentId = AttachmentWriter( session, salesforceParentId, filename )

The code that uploads the attachment is the last line -- The only tough part is determining the attachment parent. For a more realistic example that reads the attachment data to upload from a spreadsheet see this longer example.

There's nothing but good news with SQLForce/Python.

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