Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to Destroy a Salesforce Instance in 1 minute.

In the past few months I've been working on a tool that restores all or part of a Salesforce sandbox from a backup. Naturally I needed to restore the same sandbox over and over to debug the tool.

Hum...sandbox refreshes can occur at most once per day (developer sandbox). This note is about how I refreshed my sandbox dozens of times per day.

Here's the script:

java -jar sqlforce.jar <<!
connect production mypassword
echo Clearing gmsmithfarmer2 production
DELETE FROM Case WHERE id <> null;
DELETE FROM Opportunity WHERE id <> null;
DELETE FROM Lead WHERE id <> null;
DELETE FROM Campaign WHERE id <> null;
DELETE FROM Account WHERE id <> null;
echo Finished clearing gsmithfarmer2 production

The script uses the free SQL/Force tool from www.capstorm .com to do a lot of damage to my salesforce instance in just a few lines of code. Dangerous - yes. Convenient -- yes.

The SQL/Force tools also includes jython integration -- with this you do lots of wacky things to Salesforce data in just few lines of code.

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