Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Up late "Copying Salesforce" to my box.

For a few months I have been working occasionally on a utility that will create a local database (mySQL, JavaDB, or H2) that matches the schema and data in any Salesforce instance. Winter'11 finally seems to have given me the stability that I needed.

The tool, CopyForce, is based on the same libraries we use everyday (via jython) to perform routine DBA work on Salesforce (when Apex is just too hard). The base project, SQlForce, can be found at SQLForce

CopyForce is fairly simple to use:

  • Enter a command line like java -jar CopyForceH2.jar -connect sfdcCredentials -h2connect myNewH2DatabaseName
  • Wait while CopyForce creates the database, the schema, and populates the new database.

My motivation in creating CopyForce was a desire for an open-source was to create a snapshot of salesforce for backup purposes.

If it sounds interesting drop me a line.

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Bo Laurent said...

I am thrilled with this. My use is for executing queries that are more complex than SOQL supports. I use CopyForceH2 to export the data, then I can write queries, offline, in sql.

Bo Laurent