Friday, October 29, 2010

CopyForce for SQL Server and H2 posted

Finally....I posted the first release of CopyForce for SQL Server and H2. This tools copies a Salesforce instance to a relational database. Copy all or a subset of the tables/data. Perform incremental updates.

CopyForce came about because of several business problems.

  1. I needed a way to backup salesforce (just in case a malicious person or a fat-fingered person destroyed and recycled our data).
  2. Often I need to scan an analyze larger chunks of data than the Salesforce governs like me to do. Though my sqlforce ( project gets around the govern problems, I often need the speed of a local RDBMS.
The first CopyForce ( comes in two flavors.

Hopefully the salesforce network can handle the volume. CopyForce grabs data (lots of it) as fast as a line will allow.

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