Saturday, August 6, 2011

Upgrade to Summer'11

The SQLForce, CopyForce, and JavaForce updates to the Summer'11 protocol (22.0) have been posted to Other than support for a new SFDC column type and new proxy command line args there is nothing new to report.

I've been having problems getting CopyForce to work consistently thru proxy servers on Linux.
Are there any guru's reading that can throw me some same sforce connection code? On Windows it was easy to make the app use the system proxy and certificate store. I am having no such luck with Linux.

The next upgrade to CopyForce will dynamically alter the RDMBS schema when new columns are added (or existing columns are altered) in force.

Thanks for all of the downloads and feedback. Feedback is the only $$ for this job. I appreciate it a lot.

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