Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Viewer for CopyForce?

It's been a good month for CopyForce downloads. Thanks to the people who have sent supportive emails. The next update will be sometime in July since other than a few issues with connection strings and one issue with TOAD (not displaying multi-byte characters) nothing significant has come up.

In my spare time I am working on a Apache/Tomcat war that provides read only access to any database created by CopyForcePro. Out of the box pages can be jsp or XML mark-up. The resulting screens are similar enough to what people are accustom to (ditto the behavior) that I doubt that extra user training will be necessary. Other than cost savings, other benefits include speed (loads faster), and the ability to create layouts using just markup that are not possible with force (example: When viewing a product, show a related list of all accounts that own the product -- just using markup). I am looking for volunteers to give it a try -- the only requirements Apache/Tomcat and a database created with CopyForcePro

It's a huge family activity month for me in May (and June) so my responsiveness may lag a bit (2 graduations, a big anniversary, two birthdays, and a long family trip.

Thanks for your support.

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