Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jython and Salesforce

A few weeks ago I launched a open source version of a Jython module (SQLForce) for working with Salesforce (the base functions are in a jar). Here's a problem solved earlier this week.

We just started using  Salesforce forecasting subsystem and needed to initialize Opportunity.ForecastCategory based on two Opportunity custom fields. Hundreds of records had to be updated -- doing it by hand was not a good option.

The solution...the following short SQL Force script:

import SQLForce

session = SQLForce.Session("sandbox")
nUpdated = 0

## Case where ForecastCategory should be Best Case
for record in"""SELECT id, forecastCategory FROM Opportunity 
     WHERE (forecastCategory='Commit' OR forecastCategory='Pipeline')
     AND isClosed=false 
     AND include_in_estimate__c=false 
     AND include_in_upside__c=true  
     AND license_type__c!=null
     AND closeDate > LAST_YEAR
 nUpdated += 1
 print nUpdated
 session.runCommands("UPDATE Opportunity SET forecastCategoryName='Best Case' WHERE id='" + record[0] + "'" )

There were a couple of addition loops in the code for setting other Opportunity.ForecastCategory values. Looks useful? See SQLForce Project on

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